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While divorce may be the end of a relationship, it is also the window to a fresh beginning. Why prolong the process with procrastinated litigation and high costs? Contested divorces have an adverse impact on your family, your workplace and your pocket.

If you and your spouse are able to reach agreement, you should be able to finalise your divorce inexpensively and expeditiously.

Our website aims to provide your with adequate information to help you reach an informed decision and to assist you to finalise your divorce in just a few easy steps.

EasyDivorces.co.za offers affordable convenient assistance for an amicable uncontested divorce. It is essentially a DIY option, which means that we will prepare the documents, which will be checked by our attorneys, and you would attend the court, sheriff and family advocate (if minor children are involved). We will also furnish you with a Step-by-Step guide to assist you with the process.

For more information regarding our Attorney assisted option click here.

We will be able to refer you to an attorney that will assist you with the process for only R6,000.00 (excluding Sheriff’s fees):

Should you select this option, an attorney will be appointed to –

  • attend court to issue summons;
  • attend the sheriff for service of summons;
  • file papers at the Family Advocate (if required);
  • obtain a court date and set the matter down; and
  • accompany you to court hearing.

How it works

Step 1

Answer a few questions to confirm whether you qualify for our online process

Step 2

Complete the online form

Step 3

Pay our fee and submit form

Step 4

We prepare your documents and email it to you within two (2) business days

Step 5

Print your documents and follow our Step-by-Step Guide to finalise your divorce

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Option 1:

DIY Divorce

Preparation of divorce documentation

R   900.00

Option 2:

Attorney assisted divorce



  • The above fees are applicable for uncontested divorces only where both parties reside in South Africa.
  • Attorney’s fees are applicable to online submissions only and do not include consultation.

The above amounts exclude Sheriff’s costs.